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DITPOE now with Distribution Deal

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Award winning film "Death Is The Place On Earth" is now being distributed by My Spotlight Independent from the UK and available in their VOD platform, Youtube Movies and Google Play.

It's been 3 amazing years in the film festival circuit and it was time to find a home for our metaphorical film about humanity.

PLATFORMS TO WATCH MY Spotlight Independent

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SYNOPSIS IVY was cursed by the gods to live among us as an immortal. She experienced everything and has become jaded with humanity. Ivy is trapped and everyday is confronted with her demons. Ivy is tired of life and goes to the desert to find peace...but will she find it? A NERDOPOLITAN production Written and Directed by ANNA CARVALHO With ANNA CARVALHO, SUE SHAHEEN and ANDRES ANTONIO PÉREZ Director of Photography MATTHEW OQUENDO Production Design and Wardrobe NATALIA ARÉVALO Music by LUIS SOLDADO


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