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Mara D'Elean

Anna Carvalho is a multilingual award-winning actress, director that often plays the fearless and intriguing guardian, ruthless in the fight for her beliefs. Over the course of her career, she has garnered extensive experience, participating in 60+ film and TV series ventures along the way-some of which received prestigious awards and nominations. From film and TV all the way to theater, she began building her professional career early on. In recent years, she's been immersed in directing, writing, and producing plays and films.

In addition to her Master's degree in Acting & Performing Arts, Anna holds a degree in Cinema and she has completed various Acting, Improv, Voice-singing, Commedia Dell'Art and Movement-Dance courses across London, Lisbon, US and Italy with top creative talent like Margie Haber, Marcia Haufrecht, Bob Goodman, Teresa Vilaverde, Vicki Goggin and many others.

Above all, Anna Carvalho possesses as warrior spirit whose dedication to positive change and outside-of-the-box creativity have both earned her the
reputation as an up-and-coming visionary. Through the power of visual storytelling, she strives to go beyond mere entertainment: Her primary purpose is to educate, empower, and engage people while making the world a brighter place. Most importantly, she is here to spread the message of self-acceptance and chasing after your dreams no matter what roadblocks stand in your way.

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