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"Best Upcoming Filmmaker" award at International Film Festival Manhattan

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Super grateful for my "Best Upcoming Filmmaker award with "Red Roses Never Die" at the International Film Festival Manhattan. Of course, I couldn't have made the film without my crew, so this award is also to them. Finally, I was able to watch the film in a theatre and feel the audience's reactions. It was incredible and exactly what I wanted to create. Mission Accomplished!

RED ROSES NEVER DIE is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a woman who goes through difficult times in her marriage when she encounters an old friend and a secret love is revealed. But after five years, a lot has changed and what seems like a perfect night turns out to be a "perfect" nightmare.

Cast Marta Gil, Denny Mendez, Vinicius Zinn, Matthew EG Jones

Directed by Anna Carvalho

Written by Anna Carvalho and Andre Silva

Produced by Andres Antonio Pérez

Co-Production Company Nerdopolitan

Executive Producers Anna Carvalho and Michael Rader Cinematographer Matthew Oquendo

Editor / Sound mixer JJ Gauthier

Sound Carlos Nerdopolitan

Art Department Luisa Lopez

Poster Design Roneta Davis

Thanks to Sabrina Percario and Shilan Shilekani

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