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STILTSVILLE SISTERS reviews (french film)

"Veteran actress Carvalho brings the aura of a worried yet deeply caring older sibling to bear in her role as Ines (...)"

"Both performers have strong skills (...) It's Carvalho, though, who impresses most with her portrayal of the doting yet troubled older sister. It was reminiscent of Mark Duplass 2011 indie comedy "Your Sister's Sister"

"Writing of the sisters themselves, portrayed by Anna Carvalho and Alix Richard, I'm left quite impressed with what was accomplished. Again, going back to the language barrier, I still had the sense these two woman were actually sisters. Dialog aside, there was a chemistry that felt a little strained and totally sibling-like. I'm not sure if this was intentional - through direction of the characters actions or reactions, or simply a true - real life chemistry. Either way, these two worked beautifully together. That included the feelings of slight apprehension and tension at times."

Review by Kirk S. Fernwood


Review by Chris Olson from UK


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