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Happy, Happy Actress!

Working US Visa Approved!

After one year in United States, I finally got my Working Visa.

I want to thank to all the amazing people, artists, friends that help me with my dream. So blessed! Thank you for everything Renato Lucas, Andres Hernandez, Ana Paula Aleixo Lopes, Christopher Montgomery, André Silva, Vanda Frutuoso, Bruno José, Tony Costa, Ruy Malheiro, Paulo Grade, Possidónio Cachapa, Maria João Ferreira, Antonio Parker, Ethan Estes, Michael Rader, Jose DaVeiga, Jennifer Woo, Mariana Mendes, Andreia Lourenço, Joana Santos, Kelvin Wolfenden, Michel Simeão, H!T and to all my friends who during that time where sending me msg of support and love ( you know who you are).

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