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Blessed Days Directing and Acting

As Tori Amos says in one of her songs "I'm a rich girl"! This year has been incredible and I am today a richer woman and blessed to have wonderful people who have helped me realize my dreams!

This past weekend, I not only got to see the amazing Tori Amos in concert, I was able to film my short film that I wrote, directed, performed in, and produced. None of this was possible without the help from my team, my fiance and my friends.

For those who know me, knows that directing is not a new thing in my life, but of course, this undoubtedly has been my biggest challenge. In high school I used to challenge my classmates to participate in various contests where we had to make different types of films and how they suffered! In college The Immortal Spell, a 30m short film about witches, was only possible because the amazing women team at that time accepted the crazy challenge of making this film. After that, I directed 2 shorts one for the contest TMN and other for the KA car.

Today I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to grow and learn from all the people who have been apart of my life!

So proud of us all! Never give up on your dreams! Make it happen. The most important thing in life is not destiny, but rather the path that you take to get there, that is the most beautiful part of Life!

Thank you so much

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