Feature Films

Uma Cidade Entre Nós Directed by Maria João Ferreira

Short Films

Stiltsville Sisters Trailer Directed by Adam Walters

LUX Directed by Bernardo Lopes

Death is the Place on Earth Trailer Directed by Anna Carvalho

Trailer Quadro Branco Directed by Tatiana Saavedra and Carolina Catrola

Red Kraken Directed by Andrii Lantukh Produced by Humpback Whale Studios 

Do Avesso Directed by Ângelo Silva Produced by Zoe Films (Europe)

Velho é o Bidé Directed by Tânia Simões

Letargia Directed by Filipe Neves

O Mal e a Aldeia Directed by Diogo Lima & David Serôdio

Elisa  Directed by Joana Romão