Anna Carvalho is a tremendously talented actress and wonderful to work with. She approaches her work with intelligence and has a gift for finding the fragility in the humanity of the characters she plays. A very professional actress and a great person to have around during production. 


João Paulo Simões ( Director)

It was a privilege to work with Anna. Very professional and always committed throughout the project. Their presence on the screen leads us to come directly in the narrative. 

A true representation, simplicity and subtlety that we only find in actors that know what's the language of film.


Carlos Domingomes (Director)

Both performers have strong skills in front of camera.(...) It's Carvalho, though, who impresses most with her portrayal of the doting yet troubled older sister. It was reminiscent of Mark Duplass’ 2011 indie comedy, Your Sister's Sister (...)


Chris Olson  (UK Film Review 2019 about the film STILTSVILLE SISTERS )

Veteran actress Carvalho brings the aura of a worried yet deeply caring older sibling to bear in her role as Ines (...) It’s a stirring bit of relational dynamics and Carvalho is perfectly believable in her performance with both humorous and serious moments handled with the same committed poise.

Kirk Fernwood (One Film Fan 2019 about the film STILTSVILLE SISTERS)

"It's heavy subject matter for a 15-minute short, but Carvalho brings it all together quite nicely supported by solid turns from both Andres Antonio Perez and Sue Shaheen. (...) If it arrives at a fest near you, definitely check it out."

Richard Propes (The Independent Critic Review 2019 about the film DEATH IS THE PLACE ON EARTH )

Leading the group's outstanding performances is the delightfully delicious coven of witches played by Chelsea Manasseri, Alaithia Velez, and Anna Carvalho. The unholy threesome moves as one in a trance-like state, gleefully guiding Macbeth and others towards their fate. Barely containing their twisted pleasure, the witches' growls and shrieks serve as a disturbing soundscape to the play's proceedings.


Broadway World Austin (about the play MACBETH)

Showreel 2020 - Music by Fesliyan Studios

Trailer DEATH IS THE PLACE ON EARTH directed by Anna Carvalho

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